For The Culture Performers 2019 

"For The Culture" is Black Talk Radio's live performance event held every year bringing out the dopest Jersey artists to Drew University. The event has been occurring annually for three years and has been put on by my

co-host and I. Below are all the performers from our 2019 showcase. 

Jae Flow 


Jae Flow is a rapper from New Jersey, born and raised. Filled with aggressive, explosive energy, Jae Flow hops on beats that will pull you in and change your mood. Also being able to share anecdotal stories to relate to and help you understand him as person. Part of the Lowland collective, Jae Flow also makes beats and records most of the music coming out of Lowland. Music is available on all streaming platforms.

Twitter: @JaeFlow973

Instagram: @JaeFlow973

Born in Jersey City, NJ on April 30th,1997 CallMeRey wasn’t always the singer/recording artist he is working to be today. From the age of 3, he's had aspirations of becoming a basketball star. After coming off a successful college championship season at Middlesex County College, he decided to take a step away from the sport he loves and shift his focus into music. Although he's still in college at Kean University, CallMeRey has developed solid relationships with entertainers such as DJ Drewski of Hot 97, MC extraordinaire, Vince Bracy, and more. He is also a beloved and well-known artist on the growing music app statiONhead where he has a acquired over hundreds of bites and streams. With his debut project “Dangerous” on the way, he has dropped the “SideN***aTape Vol.1” which is available on all major platforms 

To stream, search CallMeRey on your favorite streaming platform! 

Twitter: @itscallmerey

Instagram: @itscallmerey

Ethan Ross 


Ethan Ross is an artist/songwriter born in Staten Island, NY and raised in New Jersey!

The music he makes are very personal and emotional, often with strong choruses & hooks. 

He has an active following on Tik-Tok, YouTube, and Soundcloud, and more recently found a large audience on Instagram and Spotify as he continued to put his content out!

Aside from recorded music, he is well-known for his wild antics in public as he walks through crowds of people with a bluetooth speaker; his videos online show him freestyle-rapping across college campuses and other points of interest!

His influences range from artists like Drake and Partynextdoor to artists within the Rock genre. 

Twitter: @ethanross5am

Instagram: @therealethanross

Her name is Tay but she goes by the name ‘TayBangz’. She's a 21 year old artist from Piscataway NJ. Music has always been a passion of hers, especially growing up with her GrandFather George Kerr. Tay's dream is to reach everybody who can relate to her and the things she speaks about in these songs. She also wants to show everybody - including her family, that our dreams are never too big. 


Twitter: @TayBangz 

Instagram: @TayBangz 


Zig is a 25 year old artist, born in Brooklyn, NY & raised in Union, NJ. He began his creative journey from young, first as a pianist, then growing into a drummer. These musical talents transitioned his creativity into writing, where he started writing poems, songs, and short stories from the age of 6. Zig focused his time on arts and athletics, becoming a 4 sport athlete and a college football athlete. During college, Zig found his creative stride and represented Montclair State University in the College Union Poetry Slam Invitational in 2015. Zig transitioned primarily into recording music within the past year, and uses his poetic and lyrical nature to create introspective, rhythmic, and personally evolving music. Much of Zig's subject matter comes from his trials and tribulations with relationships, acceptance/lack thereof in general society, dealing with personal narratives such as: depression, faith, drug abuse, and uses impeccable storytelling to bring it all together. 

Twitter: Zigluve 

Instagram: Zigluve


TatoCTC is a 21 year old artist who originated from the bronx. He currently resides in east orange and is putting on for both NY & NJ. Tato is Guaranteed to get you out of your seat and moving wether its with a gritty track with some bounce, or him showing his softer side with a track for the ladies. With either approach Tato is definitely an artist to look out for in the near future.

Instagram: @TatoCTC

Twitter: @TatoCTC

Ty Has The Genius 

Ty Has The Genius is a New Brunswick, New Jersey native. His music career began at an early age of 4 after watching his father do poetry and rap. Shortly after when he was 9 years old he was able to write and construct his own songs. Fast forward to almost 20 years Ty Has The Genius is undeniably the best rapper in his city. 2019 has become the turning point for his career as he is now becoming known worldwide after Casanova2x selected his “So Brooklyn Challenge” freestyle the best in New Jersey. With support from his family & label (Follow Tha Leadaz), the entire city of both New Brunswick and Franklin believes his career has no limit. 

Twitter: @TyHasTheGenius 

Instagram: @TyHasTheGenius 


Ryl (Rel) is a Drew University student who loves to make music. He raps and sings! He just likes being creative and himself. His boys and him are fiends for music, so this is natural. Ryldid a lot of theater growing up so being on stage is always fun and he just wants people to feel how he felt while making every song and get a real idea on what its like to be him.


Instagram: @reloc123

Duyan Joy 

Duyan Joy is a musical artist from Dover, New Jersey. He is well known for his EP dropped in 2018 entitled "Blue" which features a wide variety of  songs. Duyan is also apart of "Lowland" a popular Jersey music team. This is second time performing at Black Talk Radio's

"For The Culture"  and he can't wait to hit the stage! 

Twitter: @dxyan_

Instagram: @dxyan_


Samir is a Drew Alum and artists from Orange, NJ. He has always enjoyed music and began recently projects in 2018! This is his second time performing at Black Talk Radio's "For The Culture". 

Twitter: @xSamir_
Instagram: @x.samir_


Dom2Time is a Jersey native from Irvington. He has always had a love for music and began turning things up a notch with his debut project "Side Walk Music" released in 2017. Dom recently has released his newest project "Graduation". This is his third year performing at "For The Culture" and he's excited to share the new sounds off his project tonight!

Twitter: @Dom2Time

Instagram: @Dom2Time

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